Scent, Sip, & Savor - Candle Making Party

Join us for an afternoon of candle making, mocktails, light bites, and creative fun. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore your creative side, relax, and enjoy friends. Limited spots available so secure your ticket today! $45(per person) Ticket covers cost of all materials to make your candle, food, and drinks.

May 18, 2024, at 2pm

1005 North Church Ave. Mulberry, Fl 33860

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Unwind, Uplift, Inspire Yourself, Do Good and Give Back...

Uncover the ideal candle to transform your living space back to the memory of your happy place. Experience the transformative power of candles as they transport you to your most cherished memories.

Wax Melts Collection

Don't really care for burning a candle, why not try one of our scented wax melts. Each one offers the strong scent of a candle without the flame. So go ahead and try one today! Experience the delightful aroma of our scented wax melts, a perfect alternative to burning candles. Enjoy the fragrance without the worry of an open flame.

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Lotus Shaped Wax Melts

Our coconut wax melts are highly fragranced and long lasting. The ideal gift for any occasion and also great for day to day use.

  • Jessica

    I'm in love with the Halcyon candle. I have used up 2 of these candles already and I'm so excited to get more. The scent engulfs the entire room when I light it, and it doesn't burn too fast. Quality candle!

  • Brittany

    If you want a quality candle Scentful Thoughts Candle Company is the place to contact. I am so lucky I stumbled upon this small business.The owner is very friendly and responds promptly. The scents are lovely, long lasting, and do not give me headaches (as other brands have). There are a variety of unique scents available now and I personally can’t get enough of the “Lotus” scent. Get yourself a Scentful Thoughts Candle! You won’t regret it!! 

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  • Poinciana

    I tried the Triumphant candle from “Scentful Thoughts Candle Co”. It was beautifully packaged and the scent was amazing! I had quit burning candles because my husband wasn’t a big fan of them, but he fell in love with the fragrance. The candle lasted several weeks and we can’t wait to try some of the other scents.

    Fantastic product!